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My personal career building path was made possible by the many influential people in my life

Coaching is all about relationships, and I’m very good at connecting with people and helping others get through obstacles in their life to bring them to a higher place.

I have either worked for or with these people as a Ministry Leader, Counselor, Youth Leader, or assistant in many different capacities:

  • Michael Kaehr - Retired Priest
    I met Michael at his church in Chula Vista. It had been burned down by an arsonist, and it was a big job for us and we became pretty close. We tiled all the floors, the sanctuary, all the bathrooms, and the altar in Marble. I also did a lot of work at his house in La Jolla. Michael is a great guy and we went on several trips together, so what started as a business relationship became a good friendship.
  • Ruben Rios - Pastor/Counselor
    Ruben is Senior Pastor at La Mesa SDA Church. I’ve known Ruben since he was a teenager. We were together at another church and became friends and he’s a very influential guy. He’s also a great pastor and I still go to his church today. I’ve started quite a few different ministries with him and have worked with him on helping many people in need.
  • James Robins - Pastor/Counselor
    I’ve known James since the early '90s. I helped him build several churches and worked with him in the church. He’s been a great counselor and mentor and has become a great friend.
  • Josh Rios - Youth Pastor/Counselor
  • Ronnie Holderby - Youth Mentor
    I met Ronnie through another friend doing construction. Ronnie also became a very spiritual leader for me. We did many construction projects together and we also worked at the Rock Church together. A great guy whom I still miss after he moved to Texas.
  • Tony Martinez - Rock Men's Leader
    I met Tony at the Rock Church. We are working in a particular ministry helping guys, and he's great guy. We’ve helped a lot of other men and we are still good friends today.
  • Lee Ann Yarborough - Running and Sports Coach
    I met Lee Ann at a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous, and she helped me with my seven triathlons. She’s very positive and spiritual and is a good influence. She’s also in recovery, and we’ve worked together with a lot of people, helping them with life's challenges.

In my career as the founder of Michelangelo Stone & Tile, I have been fortunate to have worked with many of San Diego's most esteemed professionals in the building trades, including:

Custom Home Builders:

  • Dave Stiegerwald
  • JK Development; Jeff Kull
  • Scott Morris
    I met Scott working on Custom Homes in Rancho Santa Fe. He would buy a house and then finish it and sell it, and always with only the best quality of work. I was his tile guy and I ended up working in his house. We both surf, and he's great reference.
  • Bill Freeman
  • John Cicone;  Cicone Construction Co., Inc.
  • Mark V. Agee, Agee Construction
    I was referred to Mark by a designer, and we did a lot of very, very custom homes in Rancho Santa Fe and La Jolla, and we formed a good relationship. I came to know his family and we did some incredible work together. Great guy.
  • Ty Creamer
    Ty has also become a good influence and a good friend. He’s a good builder and has a lot of integrity. We have done many projects together, some large, a lot of small, and I have very good relationship with him.

I can help you define your career path by giving you the tools you need to build successful relationships in your personal and business life. Contact me here to get started!

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