There is a way out

You may have come to a place in your life where things aren’t going the way you planned you could be feeling fear apathy, guilt, and depression I’m an expert at helping you remove what’s blocking you. Imagine living a life free from anxiety, free from depression and fear. I can help you do that, working alongside each other. We can overcome these things.

Maybe you just want more out of life feeling that something is missing. At Ocean Wise Life Coaching I create a plan to move you through the obstacles that are truly standing in your way.

I have my own story - I was in the grips of addiction, drinking, drugs, crime, smoking and sex. I found myself at 21 years old in prison in Panama for smuggling. Very scary, but I didn’t stop there. My life consisted of drugs, smuggling, jails and prison until I was 33 yrs. I hurt a lot of people that I loved but most of all I hurt myself.

Today I have 32 years clean and sober. I’ve worked in my recovery from the beginning of my journey, helping those in search of a better life. This is not textbook knowledge - I’ve lived it. This is all about recovery through life coaching, finding a better way.

Whether it’s about getting healthy through diet and exercise and weight control, relationship issues, addiction, sex, drugs, alcohol, and so much more, I’ll develop real solutions with you and create a plan. Because everyone is unique there’s a different answer for each person. The answers come from inside you.

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Mark Chinnis, Life Coach

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    Don't Give Up

    You are not alone. You matter. Actually the truth is you rock but you just don't know it yet - and with my help you will!
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    Make Life Sparkle

    Has the light gone out for you? Let me help you make it shine again with some practical tips to taking control of your life.
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    It's All Inside of You

    You were born with unlimited potential, and I can help you become the person you've always wanted to be but didn't know how.
  • Jump For Joy

    You can't jump for joy if you're not solidly grounded first. Let's figure out how to build a rock solid base for you to build your new life on.


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