Meet Mark Chinnis, A Native San Diego Addiction Recovery Life Coach

As An Addiction Recovery Life Coach, I Have Been Where You May Be

You may have come to a place in your life where things aren’t going the way you planned. You could be feeling fear, apathy, guilt, and depression. These feelings usually lead to other negative feelings. These feelings can manifest in anxiety, dependence, addiction, and feeling disconnected.

Maybe you just want more out of life, feeling that something is missing. At Ocean Wise Life Coaching, we create a plan to move you through the obstacles that are standing in the way of becoming your true authentic self. When you become your authentic self, you will start experiencing peace and fulfillment.

I have been where you may be. I come from a very strict and disconnected family. I started to numb my pain at a very early age. I started with sexual addiction and drinking alcohol.

When I was 21, I found myself in a Panama prison for smuggling cocaine. It was a very scary experience, but this was not enough to stop me. I continued that lifestyle until I reach 33 years old. I was shooting speedballs intravenously, smuggling drugs, jails, institutions and on the verge of death was how I was living. I hurt many people that I loved and that loved me, but most of all I hurt myself.

Today, I’m 31 years clean and sober. I’ve worked in recovery from the beginning of my journey, helping those in search of recovery. This is not only textbook knowledge, but I have also lived it through it.

Narcotics Anonymous was the beginning of my recovery. The 12 Step Program and sponsoring the addicts that were still suffering from addiction. I’m the Leader of the Men’s Ministry at the church I attend. I was also a senior staff member on the Mankind Project on weekends and have done 33 training sessions all over the US. My passion in life is to help people that are suffering.

This is all about recovery through life coaching. Whether it’s getting heathy by exercise and weight control, relationship issues, sexual addiction and/or drug and alcohol abuse.

We help to develop real solutions. We will find a successful plan that works for you as everyone is unique. The answers are inside of you! Contact me here to get started on your journey.

Yours truly,

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